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Timothy Brown is a disabled Vet...a Marine....a cancer survivor, and now a victim of a hideous crime. Please watch the video above

and if you are so inclined to help Timothy out, a PayPal contribution can be made at

I will keep this page updated, and you can follow on

I stumbled upon this story on Facebook. I contacted the reporter, Jackie Congedo, who then contacted Timothy to see if it was ok for her to pass his contact information on to me. Timothy and I spoke on the phone where he told me the only thing being done at this point is a police report has been filled out. That tells me there is no wheelchair in his immediate future, so.....let's see what we can do.

-Greg Hayden



After a private donation replaced the wheel chair, funds raised by our efforts were delivered the day after

Thanksgiving, Friday Nov 28.

Darlene & I were in Cincinnati for Thanksgiving & this morning I called him to ask if we could meet up. We met him at the Talbert House. I explained to him how a group of folks wanted to help him out after hearing what happened to him. His wheelchair has already been replaced so with the donations made we were able to give him $450 and a nice Thanksgiving. Thank you to all that participated





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